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Why CapriCoast & How It Works.

Find out what makes us different, why 2000+ customers have
chosen us, and how we have made a difference in their lives.

Amazing Interiors, Delivered Stress-free

What makes us different

CapriCoast Online Marketplace

Offline World


Wide Choice under one roof

Convenient, one-stop access to multiple brands ranging from India's leading brands to curated regional suppliers.

Compare and take your pick.

Wasted weekends on vendor visits

You have to spend weekends on congested roads, visiting multiple showrooms or meeting multiple contractors. Then you have to decode non-standard product descriptions and jargon to make a comparison.

Price & Quality

You Get Exactly what was Quoted

At CapriCoast, you get exactly what was specified in the quote. Every line on our quote gets translated to the final product with no change in the price or quality.

Things often get creepy

In many cases, the final price creeps up much higher than the original quote. Material substitution is pretty common as well.

Help You Decide

Informed & Transparent Vendor Selection support

We have standardized product specifications, so that you can easily compare price & performance across vendors - instantly. If you have any queries, our professional customer success team would be delighted to help you.

You don't have a Complete Picture

It's always confusing to compare vendors in the off-line world because of the non-standard estimates and intentional use of jargons.


Covered By Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee on-time delivery and professional install.

Delays & Missed Deadlines

After booking, you need to worry about the deadlines. In the offline world there is no penalty for missed deadlines just pretty creative excuses.


Unbelievably Effortless

Minimal effort required. We handle it for you. Starting from a personal designer as a single point of contact, we are committed to taking you to completion on time and on budget.

Lot of Hassle

Huge amount of oversight and vigilance needed from you, including site visits to monitor progress and check on material.

Getting your interior done should be as easy as ecommerce

Or, may be a little more difficult! We are driven by that goal. To achieve that we are working hard
to make it as transparent, organized & efficient as possible.

How it works


Get Multiple Estimates Instantly

Get estimates from multiple vendors based on your preferences. Instantly.


Book & Take it Forward

Book and take it forward with a wide range of services like personal designer,unlimited iteration, vendor switch etc.


Do Other Things You Love!

Place order & get timely updates. Finally perfect interiors will be delivered & installed without any hassle!



Happy customer


Partner Showrooms



Do you feel the same way as below? If yes, you are at the right place. :)

I want to do my interiors without any time or
cost overrun!

I don't want to roam around the town figuring
out the right vendor.

I want to get exactly the same quality of
things that I am paying for.

I don't want to visit site daily and monitor quality
& progress. Need someone reliable.

I want to deal with professional & helpful
folks, who will give me a clear picture.

I want my product to be delivered and
installed on time!

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