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Kitchen Buying Guide

Planning and buying a kitchen is probably the most challenging hurdle to moving into your dream home. Perhaps you'll do it only once in your lifetime. This buying guide will help you make the right choices.

Kitchen Types

You will need to know what type of kitchen would be optimal for your space and needs before embarking on this journey.

Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchens are composed of individual functional 'modules' or boxes which are factory-made and ready to be assembled at the site. They make optimal usage of space, provide a high quality, consistent factory finish, and are extremely easy to install, maintain and repair.


Ideal for

Sites that are essentially a bare shell with the walls painted and the flooring done. Concrete counter-tops (commonly called a 'slab') or pillars should not be present at the site. If there is a counter-top which rests on L-clamps and can be removed and then re-fixed, you can opt for a modular kitchen.

Ideal for
Ideal for

Ideal for

Semi-Modular Kitchens

Semi-Modular Kitchens are built at the site and can be built around an existing counter-top. They are usually priced lower than their modular equivalents.

Ideal for

Ideal for

Sites where the countertop and pillars have already been constructed, and you don't wish to get rid of them.

Modular vs Semi-Modular Kitchens

Independent boxes (i.e the modules) are assembled at the site to build the kitchen
Semi-Modular kitchens involve doing woodwork at the site. Two adjoining boxes share a side wall which results in lower usage of raw material (ply, mdf or wood).
Finish and Quality
Factory-finished individual units. Flat-packed or box-packed for shipping. Shutter finishes and alignment are usually flawless.
A combination of factory-finished parts and carpentry work done at the site. May score slightly lower than fully modular kitchens on shutter finishes and alignment.
Depends upon the size of kitchen, choice of material, finish and accessories.
Depends upon the size of kitchen, choice of material, finish and accessories, but usually lower priced than an equivalent fully modular kitchen due to reduced usage of raw material.
Comes with a 1-10 year warranty, depending on the vendor you choose. Modular kitchens that have MDF and HDF as the core material are better suited for the drier parts of the kitchen while those using Plywood cores are highly durable and suitable for both the dry and the wet areas of the kitchen.
Comes with a 1-10 year warranty, depending on the vendor you choose. Mostly made of Plywood (MDF and HDF usually not offered) so highly durable and suitable for both the dry and the wet areas of the kitchen.
Ease of Repair/Dismantling
The kitchen is composed of independent units that can be easily dismantled, transported and re-installed at a different site of similar proportions. Repair of the kitchen is easy as you need to fix only the impacted module.
Repair work can be done at the site. It is not possible to dismantle and then reassemble a semi-modular kitchen.
Flexibility in Module Customization
Modules are manufactured in many standard sizes (with standard heights and depths) in factories. Most vendors charge extra for custom-sized module-level.
It is possible to create modules in non-standard heights and widths.
Delivery and Installation Time
Modular kitchens are made to-order and delivery takes about 45-60 days. On-site work involves only a day or two as the modules just need assembling at the site.
Delivery takes about 45-60 days. On-site work is much more extensive as the cabinets are built and installed on-site and might involve a good deal of cutting and sawing of materials at the site.
Laying the Countertop
The Countertop is laid after installation of the modules.
Semi-modular kitchens are usually built around an already existing Countertop

Right Vendor

Choosing the Right Vendor

Planning a modular kitchen needs expert consultation. You need a reliable vendor who helps plan your kitchen keeping your budget and preferences in mind without intimidating you with jargon and confusing you with obfuscated pricing. With Capricoast in the mix you don't have to worry about this. Think of us as the Guardian Angel in your Kitchen Buying journey-helping you choose the right vendor, providing you with a clear picture in terms of quality and price, and ensuring timely delivery.

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Right Vendor

Planning your Kitchen Layout

The kitchen should be the most functional and efficient space in the house. The key to getting it right is to strike the right balance between Aesthetics and Ergonomics.

Kitchen Shapes

Based on the floor-plan of your home and existing electrical and plumbing points, you can choose amongst L-shaped, Straight, Parallel and U-shaped kitchens.

Kitchen Shapes

The Work Triangle

The work triangle comprises the Cooking Area (the Hob, the Oven, and the Microwave), the Washing Area (the Sink) and the Storage Area (the Refrigerator, the Tall Pantry unit). These three elements make the vertices of the triangle and are of utmost importance to planning the kitchen layout. They should be efficiently placed to limit the number of steps between them.

The Work Triangle

Vastu Concerns

If you follow Vastu, the ideal place for the Cooking area would be the South-East direction. The ideal position for the Sink would be the North-East direction.

Choosing the Right Materials

Do pay careful attention to the following elements while choosing your kitchen materials.

The Carcass Material

Think of the carcass as the skeleton of the kitchen. The sides, the top and the bottom panels of a module make the carcass. Choose the carcass material based on the usage of your kitchen, as some materials are more resistant to water than others. The degree of water resistance has price implications as well. Wood derivatives like MDF and HDF are good for creating new-age designs as they can be easily moulded, but are better suited for drier areas of the kitchen. Boiling Water Resistant Ply (BWR-Ply) is good for wet areas of the kitchen.GI Steel has recently emerged as an alternative to wood derivatives. Steel kitchens are water resistant, pest-free and low on maintenance.


The Shutter Finish

Shutters are essentially the 'doors' attached to the carcass. The finish of the shutters determine the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Shutter finishes can be broadly classified into Matte and Glossy finishes. Glossy finishes are easy to clean while granular matte surfaces are fairly scratch resistant. Based on your budget and preference, you will have Laminate sheets, Acrylic sheets, Pu paints, Lacquered glasses and many other finishes to choose from.

The Hardware

Hardware is a crucial component of modular kitchens and mainly consists of Hinges (for shutter movement) and Channels (for drawers).It is imperative to invest in good quality hardware to not end up with flimsy drawers and badly aligned shutters in the kitchen. Some vendors offer a lifetime warranty on hardware which may be a crucial decision making point.

Planning for your Storage

A kitchen should have the right mix of Cabinets and Accessories. Plan your cabinets according to their usage and your storage needs.

Base and Wall Cabinets

Most kitchens in India are composed of Wall Cabinets/Units and Base Cabinets/Units. Base cabinets are the modules below the countertop. They commonly rest on the floor but wall-mounted ones have recently gained popularity. Important base units are your Hob Unit and the sink Unit.

Wall Cabinets are the modules that are installed above the dado tiled area. The depth of these units is lesser than that of the base units, so that you don't bump your head while working in the kitchen! The plate-rack unit is a popular wall unit. Budget permitting, you can get LED lights fixed at the base of the wall cabinets.

Tall Cabinets

Tall units are as deep as the base units ,and run up to the height of the wall units in the kitchen (average height being about 7 feet tall). They offer good storage space but you might have to compromise on counter space. You may plan to store the oven and /or the microwave in the tall unit to give your kitchen a sleek look. Tall units are usually expensive modules, but are well worth the investment.

Semi-Tall Cabinets

As the name suggests, Semi-tall units are a hybrid between tall units and base units. The good news is, the countertop runs above it, so you don't lose out on work space. Microwave, Oven storage can be planned either as a part of the semi-tall cabinet, or can be placed on the counter space running above it.


Accessories are the fitments that go into a module. Invest only in accessories that are essential as choice of accessories would play a huge part in the cost of the kitchen. Shelves inside cabinets are an affordable alternative to accessories like sophisticated drawer pullouts, corner units and lift up wall units. A basic kitchen would need about three drawers-two slim ones to store cutlery and one deeper drawer to store the cooking utensils. These three drawers are commonly placed below the Hob for ease of access. Kitchens are also equipped with a dustbin holder in the sink module. Corner unit accessories such as Carousels (or D-trays), LeMan's Corner and Magic Corners are popular as they make blind corners functional, but opting for them would also mean burning a hole in your pocket.

Other things to Note

Selecting the Countertop

Wood, Steel, Granite and Engineered stone, Quartz are some of the options in choosing a kitchen countertop.
Dark toned granites have reduced porosity and work well for Indian kitchens.

Planning for your Appliances

Appliances include the Microwave, Oven, and Dishwasher and so on. Built-in appliances give a sleek look to the kitchen but are more expensive than free-standing ones. With clever planning, free-standing appliances can be seamlessly made to look like a part of the kitchen.


Authorized vendors offer warranties ranging from a year to 10 years.

Delivery Time

A reliable vendor would deliver the kitchen within 60 days of placing the order.

After Sales Service

Do consider after-sales service while purchasing a kitchen. Some vendors offer free maintenance service for a year and paid AMCs henceforth.

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