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CBELL - Wifi Video Door Bell -
Say Hello to every visitor - anytime, from anywhere

Always know who's at your door, even when you are not home

Rs. 12,500/-


See, hear and speak to your visitor using your smartphone.

Whether it's delivery boys, maid, your kids, elders or friends, monitor and talk to them using Cbell. Even remotely.

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How Cbell Works

It's a door bell, security camera and motion sensor, all wrapped into a single powerful product

Everytime someone rings your door bell, you are notified on your smartphone.
Motion sensor surveillance provides video alerts if someone is near your door.
Unlock your door remotely with the Cbell App.

Cbell product features

HD Video

High quality internal camera with night vision and built-in speakers.

Easy to Install

Easy to install, can be retrofit to existing homes also!

Durable Design

Water proof and dust proof

On-Demand Remote Monitoring

On-demand video and images.

Technical Specifications

Smarter Doors Safer Homes.. With Cbell watching your door, day and night!


Never miss another delivery. CBELL will connect you to the delivery boy so you can see, hear and speak with him from wherever you are.


Your child reaches home but you're stuck in traffic? use CBELL's front door for him while sitting in your car.


No more surprise visits! With the CBELL camera and microphone, you will always know who is at the front door with just your smart phone.


Worried about burgiars breaking in at night? CBELL's motions sensor and night vision detects anyone outside your front door and triggers a video alert to inform you.

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