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We carefully handpick Interior Design Firms to become CapriCoast Partners and ensure that they adhere to our strict quality standard.

All our partners provide
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100's of verified partners, in 6 cities, distilled into 3 easy to understand categories.

Start with any category and customise your way to meet your requirement within your budget

CapriCoast Value Partners

  • Offer Basic, Functional Interiors

  • Ideal if you are on a tight budget or looking to rent out
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  • Semi-modular with basic materials (MR Ply) and limited finishes (mostly laminates)
  • Basic hardware and accessories (EBCO or equivalent)
  • No showrooms with display. Partner will bring samples and catalogs to your home

CapriCoast Prime Partners

  • Offer Interiors with a Premium Quality & Look
  • Ideal if you are moving into your first dream home
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  • Fully Modular with premium materials (CenturyPly or equivalent) and wide range of finishes (laminates, veneers, acrylic, stainless steel, PU etc.)
  • Premium hardware and accessories (HETTICH or equivalent)
  • Showrooms with display

CapriCoast Elite Partners

  • Offer Luxury interiors

  • Ideal if you want absolutely the best quality and an international look
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  • Fully modular with imported materials and wide range of unique finishes (Leather, Lacquered Glass, Veneer, Ceramic, Melamine, Thermo Foil, Polymer, etc.)
  • Super-premium hardware and accessories (BLUM or equivalent )
  • Showrooms with display

3 easy steps to your dream home.. Yes, it really is that simple!



Helps you compare partners and choose the one that best meets your needs and budget

You Evaluate Partners

Using our intuitive online tools or free face to face consultations with our design experts at your home or office


Our Partners

Visits your site, understands your requirement and works with you to create customized designs and quotes.

You Finalise

You decide when the design and quote is perfect with our consultants standing by to support as needed.



Will keep you informed on the progress and help our partner deliver your project on-time and within budget.

You Relax

With timely updates from CapriCoast, you can sit back and relax.

We have redefined buying home interiors in the customer's favour

By making it easy for you to find the interior design firms that best meet YOUR requirements, budget, and timelines. We equip our carefully selected CapriCoast Partners with modern technology so that they can be smarter and more efficient in providing the best pricing, personalized service, and on-time delivery.

With Capricoast you get...

Transparent Pricing. No fine print and no last minute price creep.
Exactly what you paid for. No substandard material or brand substitution.
A superlative online service experience on the back of our modern technology.

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